NASA Orion spacecraft's crew module is ready for the next moon landing

The world and especially the US is celebrating the 50th anniversary of man's historic and still controversial first landing on the moon. Unfortunately, that first has yet to be repeated to prove that it isn't just a one-time thing. NASA has received the mandate, not to mention the budget, to do exactly that and on the anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing, it is announcing the completion of the crew capsule for its upcoming uncrewed Artemis1 lunar mission.

The crew module was manufactured by Lockheed Martin, perhaps better known for making military weapons. The company is also involved in other parts of NASA's Orion spacecraft, like using its 3D printing technology to manufacture some of the parts. Now it is also proud to announce that it has finished building the crew capsule and has been stacked on top of the recently finished service capsule.

NASA's Orion spacecraft is an ambitious one. More than just landing man on the moon for a second time, the craft is meant to take humankind on deep space missions and then back again. The craft will also be used for bringing humans to Mars as the next stage of NASA's five-year mandate.

Of course, just because it has been built doesn't mean it's immediately going to be used. After a series of tests, it will first be used on the uncrewed Artemis1 mission. Named after the goddess of the moon and Apollo's twin, Artemis1 will test the Orion spacecraft's capability to go into space before bringing the first woman and second man to the man in 2024.