NASA offers fun 'virtual passports' as part of its next ISS resupply run

Early next month, NASA and SpaceX will launch the next cargo ship destined for the International Space Station, sending with it all the gear the astronauts need during their time in space, as well as scientific experiments and more. The space agency has a fun offer for those who participate in the virtual launch event: a stamp for a launch passport.

The SpaceX commercial cargo launch will take place on December 5 at 11:39 AM EST, assuming there aren't any delays. You can watch in person for obvious reasons, but you will have the opportunity to join a virtual launch event that will include, in addition to the launch itself, things like behind-the-scene looks and NASA social interactions.

The public can either RSVP for the event on Facebook (if they want social media updates) or register to get updates over email. This is a key part of the process if you want to add a stamp to your own 'virtual launch passport,' which is a passport book anyone can download [PDF] on NASA's website, print, and fold.

After the cargo resupply launch, NASA says the virtual participants will have the opportunity to get a stamp (via email) to add to their passport, a fun opportunity that'll help space fans keep track of the launches they watch.

As for the launch itself, NASA will broadcast a live stream of the event on its website and through NASA Television. The pre-launch events are scheduled to start on December 4 at 2PM with the media, follow by a pre-launch news conference at a time that hasn't yet been determined. Launch and docking coverage will take place on December 5 and 6.