NASA Engineer Crafts Halloween Costume With Two iPads

I think the craftiest day for geeks may be Halloween. People go all out with the tech costumes that are so much cooler than being a zombie again. Take this costume made by Mark Rober using two iPads to make it look like he has a hole through his torso. He has an iPad on the front and backside of his body. The red stuff is some sort of sauce he squirts on the shirt.

The link for video on the iPad's is nothing more than a Facetime chat between the two iPads. Naturally, that means your party needs to have a WiFi connection for the costume to function. Rober suggests that you put a WiFi hot spot in your pocket just in case.

I wonder how long the costume will last before the iPads go dead though. My biggest worry would be the iPads coming loose and slipping out of the shirt to meet a shattering end. I would also worry the red sauce would find its way to one of the iPads. This is the coolest geek Halloween costume I have seen this year. Check out the video of the costume below.

[via CNET and via Gizmodo]