NASA Curiosity Rover checks in using foursquare

I think most everyone is familiar with foursquare. This is a service that lets you check in to show people where you are or where you've been. The more check-ins you make at a specific place, the closer you come the being the mayor of whatever that specific place is. Curiosity is one-step closer to being the mayor of Mars.

NASA is using foursquare to check in with the Curiosity Rover as it cruises around Gale Crater on Mars. NASA's Curiosity rover checked-in from the surface of Mars, using the mobile application foursquare, marking the services first check-in from another planet. Curiosity checked-in about 16 hours ago with a black-and-white photograph showing its shadow on the surface of the red planet.

NASA says that it is using foursquare as a tool to share the rover's new location as it explores Mars. NASA believes that using foursquare will help involve the public with the mission and allow people to keep track of where exactly the Rover is during its 23-month mission. Curiosity is currently heading towards Mount Sharp, which is a mountain that is about 3 miles tall.

Along the way, Curiosity is conducting experiments and looking for clues locked inside soil samples and rocks to indicate whether or not Mars could have harbored life at one time. NASA has used foursquare as a tool to keep the public interested in space missions for a while. Previously, NASA facilitated the first check in using foursquare from the orbiting international space station.