NASA creates retro-cool travel posters for exoplanets

NASA is always there to provide us with beautiful pictures of the universe around us, but recently it introduced some new images that caught many off guard: adorable retro-styled travel posters for a few exoplanets. The travel aspect of the posters is just a fun thought (at this point in time, anyway), but the exoplanets detailed in the posters are very much real, and the space agency slipped a tidbit of info in about each one alongside artwork that seems straight out of an old pamphlet.

There are three posters so far, one for Kepler-186f, one for Kepler-16b, and one for HD 40307g. As you can see for yourself in the gallery below, each one features travelers braving each planet's presumed wondrous landscapes alongside baiting catch phrases that make you want to hop on the nearest rocket.

"Experience The Gravity of HD 40307g" one poster reads, listing the planet as "A Super Earth". Then there's Kepler-186f, where "the grass is always redder on the other side" of the fence. Kepler-16b look particularly hot, and is "where your shadow always has company".

You can grab high-resolution versions of the travel posters, which will likely look nice on the wall of your office. Unfortunately, NASA's PlanetQuest site where they're hosted seems to be down at the moment, but it'll likely be back up in the very near future, so check later if it still isn't working.

VIA: Gizmodo