Narae Inter ball point pen does more than write

Sure it's a ball point pen with replaceable ink and all, but the upper half has both a laser pointer and 4GB of flash storage built into it. Probably the nicest part is that it doesn't look like some cheap knockoff pen, it actually looks like a nice pen.

Another plus is that the laser pointer doesn't require a half dozen of those little hearing aid batteries that cost a small fortune. Instead its simply recharged via USB using the same connection that grants you access to your data.

The only problem I could see is that I have a tendency to lose my pens, and losing 256MB or 512MB of data isn't that big of a deal, but losing 4GB of company records or top secret files could cost you more than your job. But for personal use it wouldn't be a bad idea, and at 99,000 Korean Won (or about $105) its not too pricey for all that it does.

Stylish ball point pen featuring a laser pointer combined with 4GB USB [via aving]