Nanotechnology-infused material is completely water resistant

Now this is pretty interesting. If nanotechnology news gives you the warm fuzzies then you'll be pleased to learn that some chemists at the University of Zurich have created a new fabric that can't ever get wet. Ever. I mean, it was in water for two months and it's still not wet!

This material is made from polyester which were covered with 40nm-wide silicone nanofilaments. Since these filaments are so tiny and so spiky, they make it so water actually sits above the material in a sort of pocket. This is a permanent state. The material won't ever be made wet.

So what are the potential applications of this technology? Well, it reduces drag in water by up to 20%, for one. It can also serve as a self-cleaning cloth. Regardless of how it ends up being used, this is still pretty cool and presents numerous opportunities.