Naja King by ThoughtOut Review

This isn't the first ThoughtOut iPod/iPhone holder I've had the pleasure of reviewing, but the PED3, the last model I reviewed, definitely gave me far fewer problems. The idea behind this stand is great, but something about the "coil" causes the implementation to have some pretty serious problems, as a regular stand, but it more than makes up for it with its extreme usefulness in awkward positions.

Let's start with the balancing issues, in just a coil shape, you have to work with weight issues and get it positioned just right or it's constantly tipping over. Then there are weight-related issues within the coil, namely that even when I got something else much heavier to hold down the coil so it wouldn't tip, the coil was too limp to even hold the weight of the iPod up.

Every time I put the iPod in the holder it would droop down almost to touching my desk, making me wonder "What's the point?" Eventually though I was able to find some places where this stand worked that no other could.

First, I was able to bend it into the perfect position so it dangled from the back of my monitor and then put my iPod touch just above the upper right hand corner of my desktop so that if I had it charging, syncing, or playing music through my PC speakers, bam, it was right their in sight and in reach. Then I have a little shelf/coat hanger type thing above the head of my bed, I use it for books and remotes, things of that nature, anyways I was able to bend it into like a shelf hook shape and watch YouTube videos on my iPod Touch with it dangling right in front of me.

Next I hopped in my car, because my mind was finally going where I could use this thing, and sure enough, I was able to dangle it from my review mirror and it put my iPod in the perfect position. Even better though was when I finagled it to fit on top of my steering wheel so I could use it for directions if I wanted to, it rested on my automatic shifter, only partly though, and was out of the way of my hands and my dash controls/gauges.

I was then able to do the shelf hook thing with it again in front of my stereo back inside my house instead of just setting my iPod on top of my soon-to-be hot stereo. This thing hangs on ledges perfectly, I hung it in my doorway, off my door handle, right now its hanging on my mirror.

So, for just setting stuff on your desk, it's not that great of a purchase, and I'd recommend the PED3 from ThoughtOut for that purpose. However, if you are having troubles finding the right stand because you can't find one that will fit in the tight space you have or because you don't actually have a surface to set it on, but you do have a place to hang something, I definitely recommend it, its great. I Give it 3.5 out of 5 gears.

[rating: 3.5/5]