n52te SpeedPad from Belkin and Razer - goes well with the Razer Salmosa

So you bought yourself that new fancy mouse that Razer released yesterday, that occupies your lightening quick reflexes on your right hand, now you need something for your left hand. Well, Belkin has upgraded their n52 SpeedPad by letting Razer in on the action to work their performance enhancing magic and now we have the n52te for your left hand.

There are 15 programmable keys, an 8-way thumb pad with a removable joystick, and improved tactile feedback and faster button responsiveness. You also get the ability to toggle between 3 different key maps using just the buttons on the SpeedPad and then the ability to set up multiple player profiles to save your key maps using the included software.

You also get the Razer Synapse technology which integrates all the drivers and software into on-board chips meaning no software installation is needed. It costs 70 dollars and is available now.