N-trig unveils fourth generation DuoSense single-chip solution

N-trig has been producing and selling chipsets called DuoSense for a while now. These chipsets allow tablets and other touchscreen devices to support both pen-based input and multi-touch computing. What that means is that tablets equipped with the company's chipsets can be used with both a stylus and a finger. N-trig has announced its new fourth-generation DuoSense chipsets opening the door for the company to come to small screen devices such as smartphones.

The new fourth-generation DuoSense chipset family has now been extended to include single-chip solutions. The company says that competing solutions require either multiple sensors or multiple chips to be able to support both pen and multitouch input. N-trig claims that it is the first company to offer both pen and multitouch capability on a single chip and a single sensor providing a compact and low-power solution for handheld market.

The new fourth-generation chipsets offer several models optimized for operation with a variety of screen sizes ranging from five-inch handheld devices to 11-inch tablets. When combined with an Analog-IC the chipset will work in portable computers with up to 15.6-inch screens. The new chips also support what's called a chip-on-flex configuration so the chip can be directly mounted and electronically connected to a flexible circuit eliminating the need for controller.

"Our innovative single-chip solution allows OEMs to offer industry-leading pen and multi-touch input while meeting market demand for lighter, thinner and smaller devices," said Ronen Heldman, VP Marketing, N-trig. "We especially look forward to introducing our unmatched pen and multi-touch capabilities to the handheld market."