Myspace Teams Up With Panasonic to Launch MySpace TV

Panasonic brought out the big guns at the Consumer Electronics Show with Justin Timberlake in an attempt to resuscitate the suffering social networking website, Myspace. At last year's E3, Panasonic introduced their new line of TVs that had Netflix and Amazon VOD access, and Facebook support. The company is striving to continue connecting consumers to social media through their TV. To do this, Panasonic and Myspace have collaborated to make Myspace TV.

With Panasonic as its partner, Myspace is being given a chance to revive its tarnished image with Myspace TV. As other social networking sites were seeing nothing but an increase in users over the last few years, Myspace has only seen their numbers dwindling. Even though Facebook has been victim of complaints for changing design, Myspace, with already dwindling numbers, was hurt even more with their questionable redesign.

Myspace TV lets users interact differently while watching TV by talking to friends or sharing videos. While watching live TV you can use your laptop, tablet or even the TV screen to talk with others. If you're interested in the latest craze and want to see what other users are watching, Myspace TV will determine what is popularly viewed. Myspace TV in conjunction with the the Myspace Companion App, will filter its suggestions based on your own interests.

[via VenturBeat]