Myriad adds web widgets to cheap mobile phones

Here in America we are lucky enough to have a developed economy and most of us can afford to buy the extras that we want in life like smartphones and feature phones that often cost more than some people in developing countries make in a month. Phones for developing nations often sell for low prices of about $15 to $20.

That means that many of the features that we tend to take for granted on our phones in the U.S. aren't offered typically in places like India on handsets the local population can widely afford. A company called Myriad has announced a new widget solution that is aimed at ultra-low cost mobile phones.

The solution creates a dynamic home screen that claims to be the world's first widget technology to deliver web-based graphical services on devices with such cheap sales prices. The application allows users to access data like sports score, weather, and horoscopes over 3G, GPRS, SMS, and USSD services. The goal of the software is to help carriers sell mobile data plans in developing areas.