myIDkey is a secure biometric Bluetooth/USB drive that also manages passwords

A product called myIDkey is currently available on Kickstarter seeking the funding it needs to come to market. The people behind the project need $150,000 to bring the device to market and with 28 days to go the project has raised over $113,000. The device i will s a voice-activated fingerprint secure Bluetooth/USB drive that can display passwords and personal information online.

The device is designed to be an easy-to-use, yet secure, password manager. A product like this is needed for many users who have a myriad of passwords, account numbers, and screen names they need to remember to manage their digital lives from banking to e-mail, and social networking. The device plugs into the USB port on the computer and is unlocked using a fingerprint.

With the swipe of a thumb or finger, the device is unlocked allowing users to read passwords and other data on the devices integrated screen. Once the device is unlocked with a fingerprint, the user holds down the microphone button and says their myIGkey to recall and see personal information needed more quickly. The device also supports voice searching so you can say things like "Chase checking" and it will bring up the checking account information on its little screen.

The Bluetooth technology allows the device to pair your smartphone, tablet, or computer wirelessly allowing it to auto fill credentials for any website providing seamless password management. The device can even generate unique passwords that would be too complicated to remember otherwise for additional protection. The device can also be secured with an additional layer of protection by setting up an optional tap sequence activated by tapping on the device. A pledge of $79 or more will get you one of the myIDkey devices with estimated delivery in September 2013.

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