myCharge MagLock Superhero extends iPhone 12 runtime to 48 hours

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The battery life on most iPhone 12 models is pretty good unless you are a heavy video streamer or use your smartphone for extended periods as a hotspot. In those instances, battery life may only last a few hours. A new external battery pack called the myCharge MagLock Superhero is available in several capacities, adding up to an additional 48 hours of runtime for users who strain their battery.

The battery pack is wireless and connects to the iPhone 12 and newer iPhones using magnetic MagSafe connectivity. The largest battery packs adds an additional 48 hours of runtime thanks to a 9000 mAh internal battery. A step down the capacity ladder is a 6000mAh battery pack for additional 32 hours of runtime. Finally, the smallest offering has a 3000mAh internal battery and adds an additional 16 hours of runtime.

All three capacities use a lithium polymer battery and magnetically attach to the back of your iPhone. All three devices are also available in five different iPhone 12 colors. The battery packs can connect directly to the back of an iPhone that doesn't have a case or to any MagSafe certified case.

The batteries will not attach to standard cases. Like all Mag-Safe accessories, the magnetics mean easy alignment and attachment every time. The battery packs have a finish designed to protect against scratching, stains, and fading. A raised coil design helps dissipate heat much better than typical flat battery packs.

The 3000mAh battery pack sells for $49.99, the 6000mAh flavor sells for $59.99, and the 9000mAh version sells for $69.99. All colors and capacities are available as of writing on Amazon, and all have Prime shipping.