My PlayStation lets you browse PSN profiles online

Sony has taken PSN in a direction few of us were probably expecting today. The company has launched a new service called "My PlayStation," which allows you to access some parts of the PlayStation Network through a broswer on a PC, Mac, or on mobile devices. At the moment, there isn't a whole lot you can do using My PlayStation, but it still has some basic features in place.

For instance, you can log into the PlayStation Network to view or edit your own PSN profile. You can use this functionality to take a look at the trophies you've earned or view the profiles belonging to the people on your friends list. Perhaps most importantly, My PlayStation allows you to manage your friend requests as well as send messages to other users.

That last bit is probably the aspect of My PlayStation that will see the most use, as it allows you to send messages to your PSN friends when you're away from your console. At the moment, though, My PlayStation is really only capable of what's listed above, so you're going to be limited in what you can do with it, at least at first.

Sony fashions My PlayStation as "a new social destination on the web," which suggests that we'll see more capabilities added to it later. As it is, there isn't much reason to use My PlayStation beyond the admittedly rare case where you need to message someone and you're not near a PS4, so perhaps we'll see Sony build outs its social features as time goes on? No one ultimately knows, but the way Sony is advertising this could mean that it eventually wants to see My PlayStation become a social network of sorts.

In any case, if you'd like to try the service for yourself, head over to the PlayStation website and click the "My PlayStation" button you see in the upper right corner. From there, log in and you'll be able to access all of My PlayStation's features. My PlayStation is compatible with "most major web browsers" on Windows 10, MacOS10, iOS 10, and Android 5.0 or later.