MWg adding UMPC and smartphones to their repertoire – way to stay ahead of the curve MWg

James Allan Brady - Feb 27, 2008

MWg was formerly known as O2 Asia, which hasn’t made anything new in a while. Even better yet, they are going to try and tackle the biggest competitors in that area, names that even US citizens are familiar with.

Those competitors are GigaByte, Everun, Fujitsu, and more that are making UMPC’s. Right now they have their UBiQUiO 711 UMPC that they are selling in the US and in Europe.

They are going to start integrated wireless charging into some of, or all of their new products by the second half of this year. That technology will be coming from Splashpower, a UK based company that has been working on the tech for a while now. Good luck surviving in the new UMPC market MWg.

[via Crave]

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