Mvix offers 1 x 4 Powered HDMI splitter

Mvix has all sorts of gear for AV applications in the home and businesses. The latest product from the firm is a new powered 4-port HDMI splitter called the Mvix 1 x 4. The new splitter might not be as cool as the Mvix Ultio Pro home theater box, but if you want multiple screens with the same content, the splitter is the trick for you.

The splitter takes a single HDMI input and splits it out to multiple HDMI outputs. This lets the user connect four displays to the single source. The splitter works with Blu-ray players, media players, and digital signage. You can use the device to make a video wall.

The splitter supports HDMI 1.3, meaning it won't work for 3D content. It will support full 1080p resolution along with DTS-HD and Dolby True HD HD 7.1 surround sound. The splitter uses a built-in power equalizer to ensure quality on longer cable runs. The splitter can be purchased now on Amazon for $130.