MusicGremlin's MG-1000 Beats Zune with better Wi-Fi

Not content that it seems the only DAPs to choose from these days are the iPod or the Zune, Ken at SciFi Tech has taken a closer look at a lesser known but possibly better alternative, the MusicGremlin's MG-1000 8GB player. The verdict leans on the positive mainly because the Wi-Fi capabilities of the MG-1000 surpasses that of the Zune.

The MG-1000 Wi-Fi feature allows you to share subscription music with other MG owners who are also on the MusicGremlin Direct subscription service, either player to player or over the Web. And since the subscription service is not pay per song, there is no worries of song expiration like there is with the Zune.

However, the MG-1000 isn't quite a Wi-Fi miracle either, as obtaining music from their MusicGremlin Direct service while on the go may be a sinch, but attempting to transfer music from your PC still requires a USB cable. Also, it is most likely not compatible with iTunes bought music, therefore turning away a good population of the market. And seeing a price tag of $249.99, many may just wait until Apple finally adds some Wi-Fi.

Review: MusicGremlin's Wi-Fi music player makes iPod look overrated [Via: SciFi Tech]