Music Bot can name any song

Keffan Dolly - Jan 4, 2010, 6:35 pm CST
Music Bot can name any song

A robot designed and built at the University of Malaga can tell you the name of any song at all. You can sing it, play it, whistle it or really convey it however you would like, and the robot can tell you the name of the song. Being able to tell you the name of the song is a pretty cool trick but that’s not all it can do: the bot can tell you the gender of a singer and how many participants of each are singing at any given point in the song, together with suggesting music you may also enjoy based on the music it “hears”.

The bot is one of many being developed to to make and manage musical content. In addition to the music bot Malaga researches have a developed a system that uses augmented reality to create a virtual piano or xylophone.

While all of this is pretty nifty it has one very important use, which is teaching children which may not have access to instruments of their own to play the piano. That instrument is usually used to teach children about notes and tempo in the class room, but can be an expensive piece of musical kit for a school to invest in.

[via crave]

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