Mushkin unveils 480 GB Atlas mSATA SSD upgrade drive

If you have a compact notebook or ultrabook, there's a good chance the device uses a very compact mSATA SSD. There is also good chance that you have used all the storage space available on the small SSD that many of these machines come with. Mushkin has announced the US availability of a new upgrade drive for any device using a mSATA SSD with lots of storage later this month.

The drive is called the 480 GB Atlas mSATA SSD and it will be available online soon. The SSD uses a SandForce SF-2281 processor with unthrottled IOPS. The drive supports features such as ATA APM, Security Set, and NCQ. If your machine has an OS and drivers that support it, the SSD also features TRIM support.

The storage drive also has integrated ECC and is able to correct up to 55 bits per 512-byte sector. Mushkin uses high-speed MLC NAND. The form factor for the tiny SSD is the standard MO-300 mSATA measuring 50.80 x 29.85 x 4.85 mm.

The drive has user upgradable firmware and is covered by a three year limited warranty. As you probably expect, an SSD with 480 GB of storage isn't exactly cheap. You can pick up the drive at the end of the month on for $499.99.

[via Mushkin]