Multiple Google Calendar sync and more comes to WinPo 7.5

If you are using a Windows Phone Mango smartphone Google has updated some of its offerings to work better on your device and with new features. The updates include improvements for calendar and email services on Mango. The mango smartphone user can now get up to 25 different calendars in the phones integrated calendar app.

You have to set the system up to get those multiple calendars to work, and it sounds like that is a challenge at times. Engadget reports that in testing, one of the devices synchronized the multiple calendars just fine. However, the other devices weren't able to sync to the calendars until the Google account was reassigned to that phone.

Other new features in addition to the calendars include the ability to enable the send mail as feature if you are using multiple email addresses. You can also delete emails you don't want rather than having to archive. Right now, it seems that there are a few rough edges, but for the most part the updates will be welcomed by users.

[via Engadget]