mu LighTable by Billycan Design looks like club gear

Simon Giles of Billycan Design made this table and it looks amazing. It has LED-lit fiber optics on the top and a color changing LED in the base, oh and it looks badass. Oh yeah, the color changing is done by remote control, a table, with a freakin' remote control, all it needs is lasers now.

I don't know if its made out of glass, lexan, or some other sort of transparent plastic, but it looks awesome. If you are an entrepreneur looking to open a strip club or some other sort of club you might consider giving Mr. Giles a call.

There is no way any self respecting human being would actually put something like this in their home, but there are places where it has a proper place and it would look great in those places. I can't readily determine if the white lights on the surface of the table are projected from the silver orb in the center or are the result of the aforementioned fiber optics, but I am going with the former.

mu lightTable: It's Like A Nightclub In Your Living Room [via GearFuse]