mSpot Music adds 5GB of online storage

With Amazon unveiling its Cloud Player music service recently, mSpot has felt the need to add a new and important feature to keep up. mSpot has now announced that it is offering users of its music service 5GB of online storage space.

That is enough space for quite a bit of music and that music can be streamed to all sorts of devices like the iPhone, Android, and PCs or Macs. The music can also be streamed to web-connected TVs as well. Users can upload their tunes to the mSpot Cloud and start listening wherever they go.

The mSpot service launched in June 2010 for the Android platform and in December 2010 for the iPhone. So far it has 1.2 million downloads. "We think we have a better service than storage lockers with a simple 'player' User Interface – and in order to remove any price barriers we're going to offer 5 GB free storage. Going forward, we expect that the market for storage will be very commoditized and price-driven; but unique music services like mSpot will appeal more to music listeners looking for a complete experience on both the mobile and computer," said mSpot CEO Daren Tsui. "The music locker is only one component of mSpot Music – which is actually a complete cloud music service that will soon include a unique music discovery offering that builds on everything we've learned from our customers over the last year."