MSN Direct service ends, SPOT watches go dark

If you are a geek who has been around for a wheel, you might remember the SPOT watches that Microsoft rolled out way back in 2004. These big and geeky looking watches could connect the wearer to data using an FM signal. That data could give you all sorts of details like the score from your favorite games and more.

This was back before we all had a smartphone in our pocket that could give us that info and a lot more on a screen you can actually read. I remember trying one of the watches out back in the day and being rather "meh" on the thing. The SPOT watch was discontinued back in 2008, but Microsoft was going to continue the service for the geeks still rocking the device.

As of January 1 2012, the service that the SPOT watches used to get their data has been discontinued. That date wasn't a surprise though, it was announced in 2009. Do you have one of these watches? If so were you still wearing it? I would wager the service hasn't had many users in years.