MSI's new AIO is as strange as it is expensive

When you think of a desktop gaming rig, you probably think of some beefy case with glowing lights and a nice monitor to compliment it. Well, MSI has a different idea about what a desktop gaming machine should look like, and it's a lot thinner than you'd imagine. Their new Gaming 27T is an all-in-one machine that boasts some serious specs.

There's no doubt that MSI's Gaming 27T will turn some heads when sitting on your desk. It features a 27-inch 1080p LED touchscreen that's powered by NVIDIA's GTX 980M. It also features an Intel Core i7-6700, and 16GB DDR4. You'll also find a pair of HDMI-out ports, which will allow you to connect two more monitors, should you want. Check out the full specs below.

So how much will this monster AIO gaming machine set you back? A whopping $2,700. I can't honestly wrap my head around what audience MSI is targeting with this machine. It's clearly aimed at gamers, but for that price, you could find machines with either far better specs, or a similarly-powered laptop. One positive is that it does function as a stand-alone monitor. So you can use it with any of your consoles, should you choose.

The Gaming 27T will definitely provide a great gaming experience, I just think that it's a product that will only appeal to a very small number of people.

Source: MSI