MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) Intel mainboard is first with PCI Express Gen 3


has announced a new mainboard that sounds really cool the board is called the Z68A-GD80 (G3) and I will just call it the G3 from here on out. The coolest feature of the G3 is that it is the first mainboard to get the PCI Express Gen 3 slots onboard. These new slots are blazing fast and are ready for the faster add-in cards that need more bandwidth for the best performance. The new slots are perfect for the PCIe SSDs on the market.

The Gen 3 PCIe slot promises to be 200% faster than a Gen 2 slot. The mainboard also uses high-end MIL-810STD Certified Military Class II components and has MSI OC Genie II tech onboard to overclock the system and improve performance with a push button overclocking function. The board also gets a new BIOS design called the Click BIOS II. The new BIOS is designed to make tweaking easy.

The BIOS has an interface that promises to be good enough for noobs, but robust enough to proved the OC vet the flexibility needed to get the most performance. The board supports NVIDIA SLI and CrossFireX along with virtu switchable graphics tech. The board conforms to the latest Intel design standards for Intel processors.