MSI Wind BIOS update offers easy overclocking

If you're the type that's a bit shy when it comes to getting more out of your computer than what the manual says it can do, you're in luck. It looks like MSI is working hard to bring more people over to the dark side where overclocking is made super easy.

MSI released their latest update for the MSI Wind today, v1.09 BIOS. This update brings overclocking down from it's spot on high and let's people like you and me use it quickly and easily. All by just pressing a button or two. Really.

Once installing this update, all you have to do is press down Fn and F10 at the same time. Then, voila! Your Wind is now able to push beyond it's standard capacity. You can only progress in stages, however, in degrees of 8%, 15% and 24%. Still pretty cool, if you ask me. And allows MSI Wind users, that want to get more out of it than just surfing the web, a little more wiggle room.

[via Ubergizmo]