MSI plops Pine Trail U130 and U135 netbooks on the table

I am a big fan of MSI netbooks, the first netbook I ever owned was a U100 when MSI first started offering netbooks. With the Intel Atom N450 processor, going live netbook makers are coming out of the woodwork with their new netbooks today.

MSI has unveiled its U130 and U135 netbooks both sporting the N450 processor with its integrated graphics. The two machines also claim to be the first netbooks to achieve the international WiMax forum certification.

Battery life was pretty good on the U100 I have, and MSI claims that battery life on these machines is up 15% from previous models. Both the U130 and U135 have a 10-inch LED backlit LCD, webcam, memory card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth and optional 3.5G broadband. Storage is to either a 160GB HDD or a 250GB HDD. It would appear the size of the hard drive is what sets the machines apart. The U130 sells for £229 with the U135 going for £279.