MSI NX8800GT graphics card is packing more memory than most people's computers

This nVidia 8800 series graphics card is packing a full gigabyte of memory. And, they operate at a gigabit per chip (there are 8 of them), oh, and there are a bunch of power saving features to keep things green, like money.

How much better does it get than an overly powerful card, with an overzealous amount of memory, that is also earth-friendly? Even better yet, its made with overclockers in mind since it has 2 fans that combined cover almost the entire card.

Could you imagine 3 of these in that newfangled three-way SLI that nVidia is offering up? Your graphics would have almost the same amount of memory as your system tack on a PhysX card and one of those Killer network cards and an X-Fi gaming sound cards and your actual system processor would be almost useless, I mean, that's what we are actually working towards anyways isn't it? Sadly there is no official word on price or availability for this graphics card, but a quick Google search yields a lowest-price of $233.50 and several retailers with the card on hand.

MSI NX8800GT 1GB graphics card for High-definition gaming [via fareastgizmos]