MSI Now Shipping slick Wind U210 in Canada

MSI started shipping its cool U210 netbook here in America back in September. Our colder neighbors to the north in Canada may have been wondering why they could get their mitts on the U210 as well. MSI Canada has now announced that the U210 is shipping all across the country.

In case you missed the U210 before somehow, it is a nice little netbook that is definitely atypical for the market. The machine runs Windows XP home like your average netbook, and that is where most similarities end. The machine has a 12.1-inch HD resolution screen for starters with 1366 x 768 resolution.

The graphics are handled by ATI Radeon x1250 GPU and the machine has 1GB of RAM. Storage for the netbook is to a 160GB HDD and the machine uses a 6-cell battery. Rather than use the typical Intel Atom CPU for the netbook, MSI chose the AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 at 1.6GHz and the CPU works well. The U210 will set our Canadian pals back $429.