MSI App Player now lets you play Android games on PCs at 240 fps

Mobile gaming is a big thing these days but while nearly everyone has a smartphone, not everyone has a gaming-worthy smartphone. There might also be times when you simply can't play on your smartphone when you're busy on your computer. And there are also times when you'd want to have more than one phone to run two instances of the same game. If you fall in one or all of those categories, then MSI's new App Player might be the PC app you need.

The MSI App Player isn't actually completely new tech. It is simply a rebranded BlueStacks software the two developed together to take advantage of MSI hardware. BlueStacks is one of the few Android emulators that let you run mobile apps on desktops. But while others are developed for general purposes, BlueStacks optimizes its performance for Android games.

The MSI App Player boasts of enabling mobile players to run their games at 240 fps, presuming there are games that can actually take advantage of that. It's mostly just bragging rights on how fast and fluid the program can run games not meant to run on PCs. More realistic, perhaps, is support for 240 Hz screens that MSI laptops and monitors do have.

Android gamers might be more interested in how the App Player allows them to run more than one instance of the game at the same time. Of course, they will still need different accounts for each of those. On MSI laptops, it also offers interactive per-key RGB lighting effects for popular games.

While it all sounds like the MSI App Player is exclusive to MSI equipment, the PC maker isn't saying so outright. And in case it doesn't work, the original BlueStacks app is always available. for everyone.