MSI announces new full HD LED Super Color screens and more for AIOs at Computex

MSI has been offering AIO computers for a long time now and the company has announced at Computex that it is giving some of its popular models new screens that users will enjoy. The three machines getting the new screens include the AE2211G, the AE2211, and the AP2011. The machines are also all getting MSI's new cloud applications Smart Media Link and Smart Sync. MSI is also showing off a new Wind Touch 4 UI that will be used on the AE2410, AS2070, and AE2230 AIO computers.

The AE2211G, AE2211, and AE2230 AIO computers all have full HD resolution screens that are brighter and provide better details to their images. The reds and yellows are more striking and blues are more translucent. The LED backlighting allows for better colors and reduces power needs compared to traditional screen backlighting. The screens on the three machines are 22-inch units and they all have HDMI outputs and inputs. Both the AE2211G and AE2211 use Intel Core i3/i5 processors and the AE 2230 uses the new AMD Sabine processor.

MSI's AP2011 gets a 20-inch matte finish screen for less glare, this machine is aimed at the business user. The screen is LED backlit, and the AIO has com ports for use in stores and restaurants where a scanner or other peripheral is needed. The home AIO computers can all be used to control content throughout the user's home using the Smart Media Link and Smart Sync tech inside. This tech allows the user to control the display of photo and video content on the TV, wireless speakers, game consoles, and other computers.