MSI and Gigabyte launching new budget notebooks end of Q2

According to a Chinese-language paper, Commercial Times, there are sources that say that MSI will be launching its Wind notebook in 8.9 and/or 10 inch sizes priced between $470 and $1099. I don't know what kind of budget PC they are marketing that is going to cap out at a little over a thousand dollars though.

Gigabyte is also working on their own budget PC, but they are taking a new approach and working with telecom vendors. Their PC will be primarily targeted at Asian, specifically Taiwanese, markets, however they don't expect a noticeable contribution to revenue until the 3rd or 4th quarter.

I really hope that all of these new manufacturers getting into the supposed "Budget PC" market don't ruin what Asus has done and push the prices of even these products skyward. I mean we already have the HP version of the Eee topping out somewhere in the $800 range, which is kind of crap.

[via Digitimes]