Ms. Marvel, Loki, and Secret Invasion headline upcoming Disney+ shows

It might be The Game Awards night for some but it almost feels like Disney+ night as well. The streaming service has made quite a few revelations but one that will probably tickle gaming and comics fans pink is the handful of teasers that Marvel just dumped on YouTube. From long-delayed series like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to completely new additions, Marvel and Disney are lining up their MCU eggs early for 2021.

Although it should have been the first series to premiere after the explosive Avengers: Endgame film, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will instead be taking second seat. Then again, it did risk being scrapped so the fact that it will even air at all is already a relief to Marvel fans, even if it won't be until March 2021. At least fans can now also enjoy more than a 30-second clip, teasing a world without Captain America.

There is more mystery involved in Loki, which is befitting the series' villain/hero. The mention of the TVA will probably clue comics fans in on what the show will be about (though a bit ironic considering the true nature of the stolen Tesseract). Loki will be gloriously streaming in May.

One show that was not part of the initial 2020 Super Bowl revelation could still prove to be Marvel's biggest, at least judging by the storm of good and bad reception it is already picking up. Marvel teases acting newcomer Iman Vellani who will be taking up the mantle of Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan in late 2021.

Marvel's announcements, which includes confirming the already expected spin on the Skrull's Secret Invasion saga, are undoubtedly designed to prove that the MCU didn't end last year, despite the seemingly doomsday scenario that we faced this year. Of course, the way fans will be enjoying these shows will be different, requiring a Disney+ subscription that is promised to grow not just in coverage but also in cost.