Mr. Robot finale delayed following Virginia tragedy

The television network USA has announced that it will postpone the Mr. Robot season finale for one week. The decision was made in light of the tragic and senseless deaths of two Roanoke TV station's employees. The Mr. Robot season finale, says USA Network, includes a scene that is similar in nature to the Virginia tragedy, and while the network stresses that the two are not related (the episode was filmed before the incident), it has elected to postpone airing the episode out of respect for the victims and all affected.

Earlier today, WDBJ-TV workers Alison Parker and Adam Ward were killed on air by, according to police, former WDBJ reporter Vester L. Flanagan, who later fled from police and died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The tragic incident happened during a live broadcast which USA Network says has plot similarities to a scene in the Mr. Robot finale.

In a statement, USA Network said:

The previously filmed season finale of Mr. Robot contains a graphic scene similar in nature to today's tragic events in Virginia. Out of respect to the victims, their families and colleagues, and our viewers, we are postponing tonight's episode. Our thoughts go out to all those affected during this difficult time.

The Mr. Robot season finale was originally scheduled to air tonight at 10PM. Following the tragedy, USA Network quickly adjusted the schedule, and will instead air the episode next week on Wednesday, September 2, at 10PM. A repeat of last week's episode will air tonight in its place.

SOURCE: Deadline