MPAA may use retained Megaupload data for more suits

The Motion Picture Association of America wants Megaupload's hosting service to retain a whopping 25 PB of customer data that is stored on its servers. It's allegedly costing the host, Carpathia based in Virginia, about $9000 each day to store the massive amount of user data. The MPAA's court filing shows that Hollywood may use that store data in suits of other organizations associated with Megaupload.

The MPAA says that it has no plans to sue individual users based on their personal data. The organization claims that it wants to consider suing Megaupload or "other entities" involved with the site. Carpathia has petitioned the courts to relieve it of the $9000 daily charge for managing all that data. Megaupload has asked the courts to unfreeze some of its assets to allow it to pay Carpathia to store the data and to help customers regain access to their data.

A hearing on the data storage is set for next month and apparently; federal authorities have copied some of the Megaupload data but not all. Those federal authorities have told Carpathian that the service could delete 25,000,000 GB of the Megaupload data that it is hosting. MPAA vice president Howard Gantman maintains that the motion picture Association is not concerned about the identities of individual Megaupload users.

[via Wired]