Movie Theater Bus Brought Back From the 1960s, Now Features Blu-ray and HD Projector

There are a lot of interesting stories that stem from the '60s. Of course, stories are one thing, but to see something brought back from the day and age, and then just revamped to live in today's day and age, that's something else entirely. This movie theater bus was one of seven that was used in the United Kingdom during those fateful years, and now it's been brought back to life. But, no longer out-dated, it now features plenty of up-to-date gadgets to make any movie-goer happy.

If you've ever traveled on a bus for a long period of time, you know that it's not the best adventure to have. Cramped, sometimes smelly, and usually packed full of other bodies, you need something to distract you from all of the uncomfortable nonsense. That's why the movie theater bus is such a great idea. As you can see from the picture below, while the main aisle may be small, the seats are pretty well sized, and the general look and feel of the interior is attractive in of itself.

Also on the inside of the bus is a Blu-ray player, and a HD projector to make sure that you get to enjoy whatever movie your watching in the best possible picture. So, the next time you find yourself needing to travel a long distance in the UK and need to take a bus, maybe you should find your way onto this guy. Let's hope they get the six others back in action sooner than later.

[via DVICE]