MountMe Freedom mounts your iPad just about anywhere

Shane McGlaun - Mar 1, 2011
MountMe Freedom mounts your iPad just about anywhere

A company called MountMe has announced a new universal mounting system for the iPad that will let you mount the tablet just about anywhere with one of several mount options. The mounting system is called the MountMe Freedom and claims to be the only all-in-one carrying and mounting system on the market. The product name sounds like a patriotic porno.

The big feature of the mounting system is the universal design. You can use the included mounts to connect the iPad to a mirror or other flat vertical surface, a car visor, prop it on a table, and more. To mount to a vertical surface the mount includes four suction cups. I would be worried about trusting four suction cups to keep my iPad mounted on a flat vertical surface.

The Freedom also ships with a heavy-duty mobile mounting strap that lets you connect the iPad to a headrest or visor in the car and you can attach it to your leg using the strap as well. If you want to permanently mount the iPad, the mounting plate has screw holes and screws are included. A kickstand for propping on the table is included. The device also uses a quick release on/off bracket. You can get the MountMe Freedom in including blue, turquoise, white, purple, metallic grey, red, pink and black for $49.99.

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