Motorola's Mesh Networking With 802.11s Standards-Ready MeshConnex(TM) Networking Technology

Motorola today announced that its proven MeshConnex networking technology will support the final 802.11s meshing standard being developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Due to its

flexible architecture, Motorola customers will be able to configure their MeshConnex powered products to be compliant with the 802.11s standard via over-the-air software downloads.  Motorola's MeshConnex technology powers a wide variety of the company's products, including its Mesh Enabled Architecture (MEA(R)) and MOTOMESH(TM) multi-radio broadband systems.When WiFi hot spots are "meshed," they turn into a powerful, interconnected network that can blanket a campus, downtown or entire city with wireless broadband access. Mesh-enabled access points not only deliver WiFi to users, they also act as router/repeaters for other access points in the network. The result is a self-forming, self-healing wireless broadband cloud that reduces the cost of backhaul, deployment and system engineering.