Motorola will let you ‘Moto Make’ a Moto 360 soon

Nate Swanner - Feb 26, 2015, 11:21am CST
Motorola will let you ‘Moto Make’ a Moto 360 soon

Customization has become a hallmark for Motorola, where users find favor with Moto X’s open-source design platform. That choice is about to come to wearables, too. Motorola is about to unleash a Moto Maker suite for their Moto 360, which allows for customization almost all the way through. You can choose your casing, where Motorola gives you options for silver, black, or champagne. You’ll also get to decide on other visual features, but don’t get too excited — it’s not total customization.

You can choose the casing, but not a custom color for the crown. So those who might want a champagne case with a bright orange crown are going to be let down.

You do get to pick which band your watch will ship with, though. So if you want a champagne watch with a colorful band, you can do that. Motorola totally redeems themselves, here.

Aside from the casing, you can have Motorola load your watch with a custom boot message. So if you want it to compliment you as you turn it on, that’s possible — just like you can do with your Moto X.

You don’t get any spec customization, sadly.

Limited, but ultimately smart. Not only does it provide true choice, it will have fans online and obsessing over a Moto 360. Though customers may consider other choices for their wearable, the ability to customize a Moto 360 should have more clicking ‘buy now’ before they realize what they’re doing. The new Moto Maker for the Moto 360 is said to launch next month.

Source: Wired

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