Motorola Razr with foldable screen might finally debut next month

It seems that the foldable hype is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. The Huawei Mate X, for example, might finally see a launch in China before the month is over. Now it seems that Motorola of all companies is getting ready to follow suit. At least that seems to be the suggestion of an invite for a press event in November that may see not just the rebirth of the venerable RAZR phone but also its reinvention as a foldable phone as well.

Motorola has been talking a lot lately about reviving the Razr phone. Considering the situation it finds itself now, it's not too surprising that Motorola wants to bring back perhaps the strongest symbol of its glory days. Perhaps it is hoping that nostalgia will help kickstart its attempt at reclaiming its reputation.

Of course, a flip phone these days would hardly be any way to "reboot" a brand in a positive light. That's why Motorola may have been working rather silently behind the scenes on the next evolution of clamshell phones: one with a foldable screen.

That seems to be CNET's takeaway from a brief animated teaser from the company, claiming that it shows a phone that is being folded and unfolded repeatedly. It looks more like it's being peeled, though, but it does fall into the theme of "reinventing an icon". The press is also told they are "going to flip", cementing the Razr's comeback in people's minds.

Given Motorola's troubles, it's difficult not to think of this as an almost desperate strategy to regain some attention. Fortunately, it may have parent Lenovo's resources and technologies to bank on. Whether a foldable screen clamshell makes better sense than a book-type one like the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, we'll have to see its execution on November 13 to really find out.