Motorola Razr 5G from Amazon comes with free fingerprint smudges

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Foldable phones are a sight to behold but, in exchange, are also more fragile than the very first smartphones a decade ago. This dichotomy left Motorola in a bit of a bind. Either ship the Motorola Razr flaunting its flexible screen or make sure it's well protected in transit. Initially, Motorola chose the former but has now changed its mind, deciding that fingerprints smudges and a pinch of worry are worth having to send a new unit for free because the first one got damaged in shipping.

The Motorola Razr 5G initially shipped in a way that best showed off its tall form and flexible screen. The box it came in was equally tall to accommodate the phone in its open position, standing up ready to be marveled at like a gallery display. They say pride comes before the fall and a fallen foldable phone is a broken one that Motorola and Amazon will need to replace since it is not the buyer's fault.

The official product page for the Motorola Razr 5G on Amazon now comes with a note you won't see unless you click on "See more". It notes that the phone will be folded in the box in order to better protect the display. It admits it's not the prettiest sight to behold but better temporarily plain than forever broken.

Amusingly, it also notes one consequence of this change. In order to fold the Razr 5G closed after the fact, someone has to open the box and hold it, which means there'll be some fingerprints on the phone. Motorola assures it doesn't mean that the phone has been tampered with and that it's really brand new.

We'll have to give Motorola the benefit of the doubt, of course, but that doesn't exactly assure nothing will happen between Amazon's warehouse and the phone's destination. Hopefully, no one will figure out a way to take advantage of this rather odd situation. And almost as if on cue, the Motorola Razr 5G is at an incredibly discounted price on Amazon and buyers might receive free fingerprint smudges with that deal as well.