Motorola Razr 2 should have been Motorola's first foldable phone

Motorola seems to be bent on launching as many phones as it can this year but the real highlight of its new lineup so far is undoubtedly the Razr. You can argue about its practicality and price but it's hard to deny how huge it was in terms of design and even execution. Unsurprisingly, Motorola is reportedly already working on a successor that, from the looks of it, should have been what it launched first.

It's not to say that the first Motorola Razr was terrible but, for the $1,500 it asked for, you might have expected more. Most of that cost may have gone to the flexible screen that, to be fair, was a tad more resilient than the first batch of the Galaxy Fold. In terms of performance, though, it left much to be desired.

XDA's source paints a better picture of what could be the 2nd gen Motorola Razr. That will be powered by a Snapdragon 765 which immediately boosts the performance, especially with 8GB of RAM, and also brings 5G to the table. The cameras have also been upgraded, 48MP on the back and 20MP on the front, but they still remain solitary sensors.

Other than those, however, a lot of things might remain the same for the Motorola Razr 2. That includes the dimensions of both the foldable screen and the external Quick View. Hopefully, though, Motorola will reinforce that screen and improve the software experience, not to mention support the phone beyond just one update after Android 10.

Given those specs, it almost feels like the Motorola Razr 2 should have been what Motorola put out first to leave a better impression in the market. Unfortunately, those specs could also mean that the 2nd gen foldable could also be more expensive and many regard the first Razr to already be overpriced.