Motorola Mobility to axe 10% of its workforce

It wasn't all that long ago that Google purchased Motorola Mobility getting itself a hardware arm. Everyone assumed when Google made the purchase that Motorola would be the company producing the Nexus devices from then on out. Google promised that it wouldn't give Motorola Mobility any sort of favoritism when it came to Android.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Motorola Mobility has started layoffs that will impact about 1200 workers. That number is over 10% of the company's headcount. The layoffs are part of Motorola Mobilitiy's effort to return to the black on its quarterly reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that employees were informed via e-mail this week that the company would be shedding workers. The cuts will impact Motorola Mobility workers in the US, China, and India. A spokesperson for Motorola said that the layoffs were a continuation of reductions announced last summer.

Motorola had previously reduced its headcount by 20% with layoffs that started last August. The company had said at the time it would reduce its headcount by 4000 workers. In Q3 2012 Motorola Mobility posted an operating loss of over $500 million and the company lost over $350 million in Q4 of 2012.

[via Wall Street Journal]