Motorola INSTANTMOTO Vending Machines

Vincent Nguyen - Sep 25, 2006

Impulse buyers should be on alert that Motorola is targeting your weakness, the urge to buy whatever you see (from a vending machine).  Motorola has begun selling phones and accessories through “INSTANTMOTO” vending machines at high-trafficked locations such as airports and department stores.  These robotic-looking machines will house 12 kinds of phones and 18 accessories, ranging from mid to high-end models, including RAZR and the Q.  Shoppers can buy phones with or without service plans for Cingular, T-Mobile and Verizon service.  Existing T-Mobile and Cingular customers can simply swap out the SIM card from the old to the new phone, while Verizon customers must call the carrier to switch service.

There will be 20 locations set up by the end of November 2006, buying Motorola products can’t be simpler.

Video Buy Motorola gadgets from… a vending machine? []

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