Motorola i412 Flip Phone Launching June 13

Some of us still have family members that are less technologically adept and prefer simpler phones. However, that doesn't mean they can't get an easy to operate phone that also boasts new features. The Motorola i412 is a basic flip phone but with some usability enhancements.

The Motorola i412 allows for instant communication via text messages as well as walkie-talkie functionality. It features a VGA camera with zoom, web access, GPS, Bluetooth, and Java support for games and apps. It also has a iTap predictive text entry feature that speeds up text messaging.

The i412 will be available on June 13 and is priced very affordably at $69.99, excluding taxes. It will be available through Boost Mobile's retail stores as well as through select independent wireless dealers. By late June, it will be available in major retail stores across the country.