Motorola Edge+ teardown isn't doing it any favors

The Motorola Edge+ is probably one of Motorola's best smartphones if taken in isolation and based simply on specs and design. In practice, it comes with a few caveats that make it rather inaccessible if not less attractive to consumers. If you do get your hands on one, you might want to take extra care of that almost rare device. It turns out, the Motorola Edge+ may be designed so well that any sort of repair will not only be a pain but will most likely also be expensive because of that.

It's not unusual for high-end phones these days to use lots of adhesive to keep the back glass plate on but, according to PBK Reviews, the Motorola Edge+ takes it to a new level. Mirroring some of the things inside, like the battery, the glass back is glued down tight. Given all that adhesive, you'd wonder why Motorola didn't even try giving the phone some formal dust and waterproof rating.

The inside of the phone is deceptively neat but that's primarily because almost every cable is neatly tucked away components hidden behind plates. Fortunately, those cable connectors come off like LEGO pieces and the phone uses a single standard screw type. Unfortunately, it's still a lot of work.

Even more unfortunate, part of the tidiness inside is due to a few cable hiding beneath everything else. The screen cable and even fingerprint scanner cable would require removing practically everything to replace.

The slightly good news is that every part of the phone is modular so if you survive the initial process of removing its back, some parts can be replaced with just a lot of work. Curiously, the teardown also reveals an excessive amount of copper materials for heat dissipation, a lot more than you'd see in many smartphones with the same specs.