Motorola Edge Lite tipped to be coming amidst Edge+ screen woes

Motorola has been known for flooding the market with multiple versions of a single model and it seems that practice is seeping into its latest premium phones as well. It recently launched its new Edge and Edge+ flagships but there is now word that a new variant will be coming. Details are slim on what makes the phone "Lite" but it may come at a time when confidence in Motorola's flagship is dipping a bit low.

The Motorola Edge+ is not a bad phone, objectively speaking. High-end specs and decent camera performance would have put it on par with this year's leading Android phones. The immediate downsides? Verizon-exclusivity and a price tag that asks you to put your faith in a relatively irregular phone maker.

That's why there's also the slightly less powerful and cheaper Motorola Edge but, in typical Motorola fashion, it isn't content with just that. A new rumor has surfaced about a certain Motorola XT2075, dubbed as an Edge Lite, and what little we know about it could leave you scratching your head.

There is some uncertainty on what processor this Lite phone will run on, with a choice between a Snapdragon 730 or a 765G. There is also talk about 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and 5G capabilities, the latter sealing the deal with a Snapdragon 765. The only problem is these are the exact same specs as the Motorola Edge, suggesting there might be something amiss with these specs.

If it has the same design and "waterfall screen" like the Motorola Edge+, there might be some hesitation from some consumers keeping on top of all things Motorola. Its high-end phone is currently exhibiting display problems that would require taking those in for a replacement. Whether it's due to Motorola's first time to use such a kind of display panel is still unknown but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the Edge name.