Do you like the Razr line of products (Razr, Razr2, KRZR, etc.)? well, first I am sorry in your poor taste in phones, but second, I am happy to inform you there will be another addition to that line come December, the RIZR Z10.

What's the difference between this one and its predecessors? Other than the fact it's a slider, this one might actually be worth the attached price tag of 400 Euro.

The Z10 will have a 3.2MP cam with auto focus, and video recording at speeds up to 30fps. There will also be a fairly large 2.2 inch screen. It's a world phone too, in the sense that it has a quad-band GSM radio and dual-band 3G. The only downside is, it might be European only, well, I guess that's only a downside if you don't live in Europe, but you get the point.

Motorola RIZR Z10 Caught in the Wild! [via mobilewhack]