Motorcyclist pulls off superhero landing during crash

Russia is a land filled with dash cams, and thanks to those cameras we've been able to witness several incredible things, including the relatively recent meteor that made a crash landing. The latest to surface is of a different sort, but no less fascinating. [Update: This actually happened in Belarus, not Russia]

Driving down a highway somewhere in Russia during moderate traffic, a driver was recording with a dash cam, as is common in the region. Nothing happens for a long while, then a car ahead of the one recording makes a slow merge into the next lane over. That is when a motorcyclist, previously out of frame, comes roaring in.

The biker slams into the back of the car at what appears to be faster-than-average speeds, and it looks for a moment like a tragedy unfolding. The motorcyclist is catapulted into the air, where he does a complete flip off of the bike and over the car's roof.

Rather than meeting an unfortunate demise, however, he manages to land standing up on top of the car's roof, pulling off a real-world Spiderman manuever against quite a few odds. He crouches down as the car slows, and appears to be okay, all things considered.